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Ghosts Of Operas Past

Maitland Musical Society is proud to announce the staging of an original work, Ghosts Of Operas Past! Libretto written by local Paul Causley, it follows the story of the Upper Wallabadah Musical Appreciation Society, as they endeavour to stage a performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan show.


The production includes many well known and loved G&S songs, such as I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General, Tit Willow, With Cat Like Tread and Never Mind The Why And Wherefore. The production finishes with the Upper Wallabadah Society performing Trial By Jury, Gilbert & Sullivan's first Operetta.


Jeanette Massey once again dons the cap of Director, with Ian Massey as Musical Director, Paul Causley as Assisstant Director and Angie Ussher as Choreographer. Bring your family and friends along for what is sure to be a fantastic evening of singing, laughter and merriment. 

Click HERE to go straight to our Box Office, where you will find venues, dates, ticket prices and be able to purchase tickets.

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